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Image viewer with conversion capabilities
Marko Indaco — 5 years ago
Guys this is a great tool, try it! I use it for many years and is still the better photo manager. Full of very usefull features with a nice photo-resizer.
jbqld — 7 years ago
After having used Paintshop Pro for over 10 years but hating it in its newer incarnations, I tried Photoshop Elements but find it extremely resource hungry esp when I only want to do a few minor tweaks. I met somebody who told me about FastStone and within a week I was using it for almost everything. Can't praise it highly enough for anybody who doesn't want a full-on imaging program with all the bells.
Master Of Puppets — 9 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
Fast, flexible, nice interface, great editing options.
Richard Lafromboise — 10 years ago
Seems okay
Gaxar84 — 10 years ago
Very good, lightweight and free Image browser, editor, resizer, converter, capturer and more
Guest — 11 years ago
wonderful presentation
Guest — 11 years ago
Easy-to-use and very complete.
Guest — 11 years ago
This has got to be one of the best and user-friendly image browser, editor and converter etc around. it has some fantastic features and the best one is..... its free !!!!!
Guest — 11 years ago
Great pic. viewer, easy to use, customisable and user friendly
Guest — 11 years ago
Feature rich and economical
Guest — 11 years ago
Best graphic viewer
Guest — 11 years ago
nice Programm.
Nomad Soul — 11 years ago
Very usefull and well designed.
Barry Ward — 12 years ago
Good extra editor to have.
Tanchik — 12 years ago
easy to use
voidfire — 12 years ago
More than I need until now! I like the menu in every side of my monitor!!
Guest — 13 years ago
Free and lots of functions
Very simple, fast and useful
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